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What documents are required to register my domain name?

No documents are required for Domain Registration. Just contact us  or fill the online form.   We provides a turn key solution for your domain presence.

What characters are allowed in Domain name?

Domain names are formed by using English alphabets (a-z). Numbers (0 to 9), dashes (-) are also allowed. The dash cannot be the first or last character. Maximum 22 characters can be used to form a domain name. Long domain names should be avoided.

Can you tell me when should I consider to register my domain?

Immediately. Registering a domain name is like getting your plot reserved for construction purpose. Once you get allotment of a plot you may build your house later on.

The domain names are allotted on first come first served basis. When a domain name is registered it becomes unavailable. So register your name immediately or some one other having the same name will get it registered before you.

What is the registry fee for domain registration ?

For national domains PKNIC registry fee is Rs: 1000/- per year initially payable for 2 years. National domains end with .pk

For Us domains Network Solutions registry fee is US $ 70 for 2 years.

What is PKNIC ?

PKNIC stands for Pakistan Network Information Centre. PKNIC is responsible for keeping ownership record for .pk domains. We work with PKNIC to reserve the domain name you have selected.

I don't have computer or e-mail what should I do ?

Domain name registration does not require any sort of computer installation. Moreover, no internet connection is a prerequisite for this purpose. Just contact us and we will take care of every thing.

Domain name remains available 24 hours a day across internet through out the world. It should be very expensive.

Wrong. Securing your domain name costs you less than the monthly telephone line rent i.e. less than Rs: 200/- per month!

How long will it take to get my domain registered?

We process your application immediately and it should not take more than 3 business days for confirmation of registration.

If you have any further query you may call or e-mail us.



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